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    List your holiday home today

    As holiday home owners, we understand what value add means

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    List your holiday home today

    As holiday home owners, we understand what value add means

    Subscribers Benefits

List your Holiday Home Today

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Holiday Home Rental
Holiday Home Rental

Current Prices for a 12 month membership:

  • First full listing = £298.45
  • Each additional listing = £188.45

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By completing the Veraccom account registration you are:

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Please note:

  • Veraccom does not hold any payment card details in its admin or website, these details are held by the payment processing company.
  • Membership auto-renew is set up as standard on all new accounts. This can be cancelled at any time in your member's dashboard.


Your payment will be taken at this stage when you click the submit button. However, if during the screening process we are unable to verify your details after extensive measures have been taken to do so, we will refund the amount you have paid in full.

Why sign up to Veraccom?


No Fees

Listing with Veraccom means there are no booking or commission fees to pay


Active Promotion

We actively promote your verified property across multiple channels


Complete Control

Your property, your guests, 100% booking control from start to finish

Subscribers FAQ

Three easy steps to get you up and running

1 - Sign up and complete the registration

2 - Upload all your property details

3 - Receive enquires and bookings

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We've got you covered

Just some advantages of listing with Veraccom:

  • A dynamic property listing linked to your own website
  • Full control over the entire booking process from start to finish
  • No commission or booking fees from your direct bookings
  • Verified property status, increasing your brand value
  • Indirect bookings from enquiries that Veraccom receives
  • Increased cross portal credibility from using your property identity badge
  • Multichannel marketing to get your property the right exposure
  • Use Veraccom alongside other channels
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Getting your property found online is our number one priority. We work with search engines to ensure your property is found both locally and globally. Our SEO experts ensure our websites and their pages are indexed properly so they rank accordingly in the search.

Additionally, our visibility is all over key social media channels and our honest following is increasing all the time. Though we do rely on our organic following to increase our reach within social media channels, we also use their paid advertising methods which, again drives volume traffic to our website, as does our pay per click advertising campaigns.  

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Property varieties

Variety is the spice of life.......

We are always excited to welcome all types of holiday rental property, from grand stately to cottages and apartments. With the explosion of the holiday home rental market, more and more people are being treated to a spectacular range of accommodations across the world, all offering unique experiences.

  • Cottages
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses 
  • Penthouses
  • Cabins
  • Lodges
  • Chalets
  • Farmhouses and many more.... 
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We're on hand if you need us

If you need help with any aspect of your Veraccom listing we're here to help. Unlike many holiday rental websites, you can call us to chat through any issues you have. Email and live chat are on the Veraccom website are always available for you to get in touch.

In addition, our member's resource centre and FAQ section have an abundance of easy to find information, templates, blogs and guidance for your use.

Making contact

List your property today and start benefiting!

Why List?

Earn much more money with no commissions or booking fees from people looking for verified holiday rentals like yours on our dedicated platform. 

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Real Subscribers Benefits

Unlock your benefits the moment you sign up. Not just another listing. Use across all other channels you advertise with for maximum exposure.  

Subscription Benefits

Inexpensive Pricing

Our pricing has been designed to complement our offering and to ensure you can quickly make a return from your listing. Remember, there are no commission or booking fees!