Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach -

We take verification seriously, as this bonds the link of trust between Owner - Veraccom - Guest. Only genuine owners will understand this concept and the steps necessary to ensure these checks are conclusive, using the means as described below. It will only be those unscrupulous fraudulent types that don't and cant conform to undergo these perfectly reasonable checks to become a member!! 

Our verification checks are broad, fairly extensive and mostly completed behind the scenes. We use prominent third-party organisations around the world to ensure our checks are conclusive. In addition to the remote checks we carry out, we arrange a property verification visit for all member properties to ensure the accommodation exists as described by the owner. 

On completion of our remote checks, members properties will go live on the Veraccom website and members will have access to the full benefits package including their unique Veraccom trust badge.

The trust badge (shown to the left of this screen) is unique to the member's property. The badge can be used on other websites where the member's property is listed. The trust badge shows prospective guests your property is verified and registered regardless of the website they see your property on. The property can be easily checked at veraccom.com by clicking on the badge if visible or using the unique property identification number referenced on the property advert. 

Our Ethos - 

Provide a transparent and trustworthy environment for guests to find and book verified holiday accommodation.
To celebrate our trusted well-respected accommodation providers who share the same goals as we do.
To evolve by collaborating with other agencies and partners to reduce and remove the risk of fraud across the accommodation and travel industry.
To offer the best value to our members and website visitors.
To support our chosen charities who seek to help those less fortunate across multiple themes.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a membership base of verified holiday accommodation providers, that will be the go-to place for guests to search for verified holiday accommodation.

Core Values -

Our core values underpin everything we do, how we perform, how we behave and how we are viewed and is driven by:

Customer Focus
Team Working
Collaborative thinking
Inspiring vision