Does this holiday home exist??

A picture of the main street in the beautiful Scottish town of Pitlochry

Around three years ago I booked a family holiday in the beautiful Scottish town of Pitlochry for six of us. We decided that we would go self-catering and set about researching what accommodation was available online. We found the ideal property and went ahead and booked and paid the owner online. I got a confirmation email from the owner to say my booking was accepted etc. 

At the back of my mind, I was unsure if what we had booked was legitimate. The website didn't offer any guarantees or anything that assured me the booking was safe. I had an anxious wait which I'll never forget.

On arriving in Pitlochry, we were able to find the address of the house we had booked. However, there was no communication with the owners on how to access the house.  I felt sick to my stomach that we were the victims of some fraud ring. I had my elderly parents with me as well as three other family members, who were also getting quite stressed.

Eventually, once I got access to a signal for my phone, I emailed the owners who much later replied. At last, we met with the owner and accessed the property we had booked. My family and I were convinced we had been scammed and that no real booking existed.

Thankfully it wasn't a scam. Just a stressful start to a holiday. We were very lucky, as we see so many unfortunate families who fall victim to these scams.

Now I don't take anything for granted. will take the pain out of knowing if the owner and the property actually exist!!

Linda Grant - Edinburgh

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