Booking FAQ

Booking FAQ

Our frequently asked questions page is designed to give you further information based on things we get asked most regularly. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please email us at entering "Booking FAQ" in the subject line.

Who is Veraccom?

Veraccom is a new organisation set up to offer only verified holiday accommodation. 

With an increasing level of fraud and criminal activity taking place in the holiday accommodation sector, consumers are demanding higher levels of security checks on accommodation in the holiday rental market.

Accommodation offered on the Veraccom website is owned by our members. Properties have been through various checks before being listed on this platform. Our audit checks include but not limited to the owner's identity, the registration of ownership of the property and property verification visits.

Our objective is to improve the overall security and standards in the holiday letting market. We aim to give assurances to holiday guests that what they are booking and who they are booking with, has had a degree of scrutiny and verification applied, to ensure no risk of fraud or criminal activity takes place as far as reasonably possible.

What is the Veraccom Trust Badge?

When a holiday accommodation owner becomes a member of Veraccom, they are given access to use their unique Veraccom Trust Badge.

Each property on the Veraccom website has a unique trust badge.

Each badge has a unique property identity number (ID No) that links with only the owner's property. If you want to check the legitimacy of a property you have seen advertised on another website where the Veraccom Trust Badge is displayed, it's easy to do this.

Take the property ID number from the badge you have seen, go to property page and insert the Property ID number in the search box to ensure the property is registered with Veraccom. 

On each property listing page you will see in the "Book Now" box, all the legitimate links to where this property is listed can be seen here. Only book from these links! If you are unsure for any reason, you can contact us on the "Live Chat" box, bottom right of the web page.

Are all properties visited by Veraccom?

All member properties as part of the verification process are visited by a member of the Veraccom team.

We want to make sure the property exists and that the property photos and descriptions used in the Veraccom property listing all match and are up to date, showing an accurate reflection of the quality on offer. Some variations may occur from time to time as is depending on when our verification visits are carried out. Veraccom members are required to update their property listing inline with any changes that occur where they affect the visual and material outcome of the properties used as a holiday accommodation. 

Is the identity of the owner and the ownership of the property verified?

Yes. We verify the identity of the property owners and the ownership of their property using our partners around the world, e.g., Experian. 

We want to ensure who you book with is legitimate!

How do I book?

Once you have found the accommodation you would like to book you can contact the owner in various ways.

On the accommodation page right-hand side, you will see a purple box titled  "Book Now." Here you will be presented with all the website links the owner's property is associated with, click on the site of your choice where you can contact the owner to make the booking. The owner will highlight the link that offers the best deal for you.

Choosing from these links is the safest way to book as it ensures you only click links to verified holiday accommodation that the owner has listed.

If you are in any doubt, you can contact us on the live chat box bottom right-hand side of your screen.

How should I pay for my holiday accommodation?

You should avoid paying by bank transfer and only use a credit card as this will offer a limited guarantee should there be any issues, though check with your card issuer first before booking if you are unsure.

You may have the same guarantees with your debit card but check with the card issuer before booking.

Beware, some booking sites charge additional booking/admin fees on top of the cost of the accommodation. The accommodation owner will highlight the link in the "Book Now" section of the accommodation listing to get you the best deal.

Is the price per week on the property page accurate?

The accommodation owner is advised to put the average weekly cost on their property page as this will give an indication of the price range of their property. Owners will advise the seasonal rates in the main description on their property page.

The accommodation owner will highlight the booking link in the "Book Now" section of their accommodation listing to get you the best deal available. 

Who will my booking contract be with?

The booking contract will be between the booker and the accommodation owner. The accommodation owner will confirm your booking, and they will issue you with their booking contract and terms and conditions. 

You should take the time to read the terms and conditions before paying any fees. Be sure to check the cancellation and refund policy.



What will the cancellation period be?

You should check with the owner before booking what the cancellation period will be and ask to see the cancellation policy before booking. The cancellation policy will be part of the booking agreement terms and conditions.

In most cases, you will be expected to pay a deposit depending on when you book, with the balance to be paid around eight weeks before your arrival date.

If you need to cancel, the property owners cancellation policy will indicate the amount to be refunded should you need to cancel. But check before confirming your booking.

Always check the small print, before completing and paying.

Transfer links at your destination

Before arranging you transport links from your port of arrival to your final destination, it could be beneficial to speak with the property owners, as their local knowledge and advice could save you time and money if they can advise on a popular transport service.  

Beware of unlicensed transport services as it is likely they will not have adequate licence/insurance to cover should the unthinkable happen.

Arrival and departure times at the accommodation

It is best to agree your arrival and departure times as early as possible with the accommodation owners. Doing this could be beneficial if your arrival and departure times are out with the owners recommended timescales. Be sure to check at the time of booking if additional charges are payable if you're arriving out with the owners specified timescales. 

Arranging your arrival and departure times in advance will also help if you were requesting a late checkout.


Additional charges payable

Ensure you confirm in advance of booking with the owners if you have any special requirements and if there are any additional charges payable by you for those requirements.

Examples of additional charges would be - use of Aircon in your room or property; the use of a babies cradle; Use of an electric fan; disability arrangements etc.

Allways check in advance with the accommodation owners!