Why List with Veraccom

Why Sign Up?

Veraccom is a great platform to showcase your holiday home offering many advantages once you sign up. Setting up is easy and very straightforward, in no time at all your property will be live and available to be booked. With literally hundreds of websites on the net, we are one of very few that offer verified holiday accommodation, an assurance more and more guests want to know prior to booking. 

Some advantages of listing with Veraccom:

  • A dynamic property listing linked to your own website
  • Full control over the entire booking process from start to finish
  • No commission or booking fees from your direct bookings
  • Verified property status, increasing your brand value
  • Indirect booking from enquiries that Veraccom receives  
  • Increased cross portal credibility from using your property identity badge
  • Multichannel marketing to get your property the right exposure
  • Use Veraccom alongside other channels
  • Great customer service when you most need it 
  • Easy setup and management
  • No waffle, just proactive management

Will your listing investment pay for itself?

The following are just some valid reasons to consider in answer to the above. 

  • Just one new booking could repay your cost to list for 12 months
  • Higher probability of your property being viewed on our platform
  • Increased brand exposure across all our social and marketing channels
  • Indirect booking opportunities - no other sites offer this service     

For full details of what you can expect from Veraccom, visit  - Feature & Benefits


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