Why Become a Member?

Why You Should Sign Up

Veraccom has been building an audience who want to search and book verified holiday accommodation of all types and in a variety of countries and locations. One of the main reasons for this upsurge, guests know we verify the ownership and the existence of the accommodation giving assurances and peace of mind. 

In a recent survey carried out, 8 out of 10 said they would always book verified holiday accommodation over unverified. Apart from Veraccom, there are very few that carry out the same checks we do. 

The internet and other advertising outlets, unfortunately, have so many fake properties listed, making it very difficult for holidaymakers to know which are real and which are fraudulent. See our latest news article on holiday booking fraud report 2018. 

If you own a holiday home, bed and breakfast, guest house or small independent hotel and have the year-round capacity to receive bookings from our audience looking for verified holiday accommodation, you should sign up as soon as possible. 

Veraccom.com has been designed to give accommodation owners the freedom to do what they do best, plus added value options to use as part of their membership. As a member, you are more likely to receive increased levels of enquiries and bookings, than a non-member! It's time you took advantage......

Advantages of being a member:

  • Membership demonstrates you are legitimate and not a fraud or a scam
  • You can stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase booking revenue
  • A will have a great looking dynamic property listing
  • Freedom and full control over the entire booking process from start to finish
  • Veraccom does not charge commission fees or booking fees Saving you a fortune over other portals
  • Cross portal credibility when you reference your Veraccom membership using the trust badge
  • Use of your dedicated "Veraccom Trust Badge" and property identity number
  • Marketing of Veraccom and it's members properties through multi-channel exposure 
  • Access to list your discounts/deals on the "Special Offers" section on the Veraccom platform

Genuine ways to recoup your Membership Fee

  • A booking of a few days could more than cover the cost of membership - especially if they become repeat!
  • Members Market Place - (our internal marketplace) could net you additional bookings when you opt-in.
  • Accommodation Xchange - allows you to exchange your property with fellow members, saving you money when looking for your holiday accommodation.      

The above is a summary of what membership can offer. For full information, visit  - Feature & Benefits


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