Why Become a Member?

Why Sign Up?

Veraccom is a great platform to showcase your holiday accommodation for all the right reasons. Why? it looks great, but more importantly, we are different from other listing sites, in that, we ensure for the protection of our website visitors your property exists and has been verified. It's these measures that have increased our popularity and owners bookings when holiday booking fraud is at its highest level ever!

A much safer environment to search and find accommodation without the risk of booking a property that turns out to be a fake or scam is what is driving the public to our newsletter sign up. Importantly, when you sign up, you have access to your unique property identity badge, that can be displayed on the other websites your accommodation is listed on including your social media marketing, giving you and your property universal credibility.

Some advantages of being a member:

  • Membership demonstrates you are a credible accommodation owner and not a fraud or a scam allowing you to stand out in a crowded market
  • A dynamic property listing that gives you the freedom and full control over the entire booking process from start to finish
  • Veraccom don't charge commission or booking fees, we only charge a small annual fee, which saves you a fortune over other portals
  • Cross portal credibility when you use the property identity badge or property identity number on other websites your property is listed on
  • Marketing of Veraccom and it's members properties through multi-channels of exposure. Including - SEO, social media, hard copy and email marketing
  • Run by people like you who are passionate and care about holiday accommodation and offer great customer service when you most need it 

Some genuine ways to recoup your Membership Fee:

  • One booking could be enough to repay your investment in your annual membership!
  • Members Market Place could net you additional bookings when you opt-in.
  • Accommodation Xchange - allows you to exchange your property with fellow members, saving you money when looking for your holiday accommodation.      

The above is a summary of what membership can offer. For full information, visit  - Feature & Benefits


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