Members Features & Benefits

At Veraccom we believe in giving accommodation owner-members meaningful features that can be utilised to improve their overall audience reach, that presents them in the best positive light, creating a cost-effective means to promote their accommodation business however big or small.

Increased bookings and occupancy levels are of paramount importance to the success of any accommodation business. With that in mind, the inclusive features listed below will allow your accommodation business to benefit in many different ways whilst providing you with the all-important dividends. 

Dedicated Property Listing

As a member, you will have a dedicated property listing on the Veraccom website.

You have the freedom to add up to 26 photos as well as generous 12,000 character description area to really sell the features and benefits of your accommodation. 

Set a price range; add a review link to your nominated site e.g. Tripadvisor or Feefo; a calendar to show guests availability and an enquiry form for guests to contact you directly, should you wish to use this option. 


Veraccom Trust Badge

Each listed property receives its own Veraccom trust badge. The badge can be displayed as a static image or, more importantly as an embed image on your website. The embedded image may also be accepted on other listing websites, though you would need to check with the site owners.   

The badge is dynamic, which when clicked from another website takes the viewer back to your listing on the Veraccom website, thus allowing the viewer to see you are a Veraccom member.

The property identification number on the badge is unique to your property, and this should be included in your property descriptions on all your other listings for maximum impact. The property ID number can be found on the Veraccom website property section when searched, allowing the viewer to see your property is registered. 


Becoming a Trusted Supplier

On completion of our registration checks, you will become a Veraccom member and in turn, will be viewed as a trusted supplier of verified holiday accommodation.

Being verified will raise confidence from prospective guests that you are a legitimate holiday accommodation owner when they see the "Veraccom Trust Badge” on your property listings and social media websites.



Reputation and brand identity are important regardless of the size of your business. 

Having the “Veraccom Trust Badge” on your property listings raises your brand profile. Many of your competitors will be at a brand disadvantage as they may not be members of Veraccom.

With fraud on the increase, more and more potential guests will only be prepared to reserve holiday accommodation with providers that take the time to raise their game and become verified. 

Owners of rented holiday accommodation, B&B, and Guest Houses stand a much higher chance of attracting website site viewings and booking reservations when their advertisements have the genuine "Veraccom Trust Badge” or property ID number used in their marketing.  


Advertise Late Deals/Special Offers (Launching 2018)

From 2018, all members will have the opportunity to set special offers that will appear on the "Special Deals" section of the website. Using this feature could potentially help you to optimise any unoccupied times during the year and increase your revenue, even at short notice.

There is no additional charge to use this service.

Advantages over Non-Members

It won't come as a surprise when we tell you that results from a recent survey showed 80% of participants said they would choose to book verified holiday accommodation over those that are not verified.

That's eight in every ten people more likely to book with you!

A subscription gives any Veraccom member a clear advantage over non-members, based on these statistics. Over and above, you have the use of all the other features to your advantage.

Accommodation Xchange Scheme (Launching 2018)

Accommodation Xchange is an opt-in member benefit that allows you to offer your holiday property in an exchange with other members holiday properties. You are in control the whole time. You decide when your property would be available to exchange and you choose which country/owners you would like to exchange with. 

Using this benefit could lead to you never having to pay (directly) for holiday accommodation again! 

(Accommodation Xchange is currently under development)

Marketing Exposure

Gain valuable exposure through our specialist multi-channel marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the Veraccom brand and our members holiday accommodation.

We use a range of channels to get our marketing strategy message across, including but not limited to - AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, News Papers, magazines, email. Over and above we have SEO management to ensure we appear in the right searches.

Member properties will be selected to appear on our homepage, on our social media adverts, (general and direct) in our blogs and newsletters. We also have our properties of the week page situated on the property search tab. 


In turn, this will drive traffic to your listing on the Veraccom site as well as those external sites you list with. The aim is to improve your overall exposure thus attracting more page views and bookings. 

Improving your Social Media Marketing and Presence

If you use social media, newsletters, blogs to network and to grow your potential guest bookings or to generate interest in your holiday business, you will have the added advantage of telling your audience you are a member of Veraccom. 

You can announce to your network community that you have invested in a Veraccom membership and your property has been independently visited and verified.  

Veraccom will from time to time send you hints and tips on ways to improve your own social media interaction and to build your following. 

Member Resources

Veraccom membership gives you access to Members Resources where a number of useful documents and information can be download and use for your sole use.  

An example of those documents included - health and safety, holiday rental agreement, code of conduct, terms and conditions of membership and best practice guidance, general policies, checklists and much more.


Fully Searchable Public Site

The Veraccom website has a search facility built in to allow the general public to search for properties in the geographical area where your property is located.

Potential guests can also search by inputting your property identity number, thus generating more traffic to your property listing that could convert to bookings.

Our marketing campaigns will drive viewing traffic to search for properties on the Veraccom site, making it important you are listed!

Properties of the Week

Your property listing could be included in the “Hot Properties” page on the website. All members will be eligible to be included. The "Hot Properties" page will be located under the tab "Accommodation Search".

Additionally, those properties that are included in the "Hot Properties" page will be included in the home page rolling carousel of properties.

Further details will be in the “Members Resource Centre”.

Properties of the Week/Month

Members holiday accommodation will be highlighted in the e-newsletter and on our social media sites as "Properties of the Week or Month".

The e-newsletter is distributed to our subscribers as well as being linked to any public marketing campaigns.

Members Market Place (Launching 2018)

Members Market Place is an opt-in member benefit created to allow you to offer special rates and or incentives to fellow members for the rental of your property.

This feature can generate additional enquiries and bookings. It also allows you to tap into a marketplace that might otherwise escape you. This member benefit will be regularly highlighted in the member's updates, encouraging members to book from each other.  

You will be in total control at all times. You set the individual rates, dates, time slots that can be booked by fellow members.


New Listing Updates

We will regularly update you when new properties are listed in the accommodation Xchange scheme and members marketplace, thus allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity to book and enjoy.


Members Offers From our Chosen Partners

Members will be able to access a portfolio of particular partner offers that will be available for our members enjoy from time to time. Partner offers will be varied in nature, e.g., discounts from holiday accommodation listing sites to specialist insurance for your property.

We will keep you up to date when you partner offers become available and how to take advantage of them.

Members Updates

We will send you subscriber updates by email and SMS specific to your general membership, new features, hint and tips and industry news where relevant.

Regular blog and newsletters are issued to keep you up to date.


Code of Conduct & Best Practice Guidance

Our "Code of Conduct" and "Best Practice Guidance" which is part of our terms and conditions, allows members to stay informed while maintaining the best possible standards to be experienced by holiday guests.

The code and guidance are there to be used as a template ensuring members continue to go above and beyond to meet guest expectations.

Fee's are Tax Deductible

All membership fees are tax deductible.