Veraccom FAQ is aimed at those who are interested in becoming members and those looking to book a verified holiday accommodation from our members.

There are many different areas included in our platform and membership offering. We hope to have captured most of the questions and answers that have the potential to be asked.  If you have any questions that are not listed below, we would be more than happy to answer these and add them in.

You can email us at info@veraccom.com (Please enter “FAQ” in the subject line) Or speak to us on the live chat located in the bottom right hand side of your screen.

Who is Veraccom?

Veraccom is a new membership organisation set up to verify holiday accommodation. Please Check the about page for more information.

With an increasing level of fraud and criminal activity taking place in the rented holiday accommodation sector, consumers are demanding higher levels of security checks on accommodation in the holiday rental market.

Veraccom offer a 12 month membership, renewable annually, to members who want to demonstrate that they and their property are legitimate and not a fraudulent or fake in anyway.

Our aim is to improve the overall security and standards in the holiday letting market. We aim to give assurances to holiday guests that what they are booking and who they are booking with has had a degree of scrutiny and verification applied to ensure no risk of fraud or criminal activity takes place.

Why would I want to become a member?

There are a number of reasons you should consider when thinking about becoming a member of Veraccom. Today’s prospective guests are demanding far greater assurances on knowing that the holiday accommodation they are considering and its owner have been independently checked.

This demand is driven from the increase level of fraud and criminal activity of fake holiday home website listings, fake holiday companies and tour operators.

Using the Veraccom membership trust badge and unique property licence identity number on all your advertising will provide that assurance to the prospective guests and will greatly increase your enquiry to booking rate.

The Veraccom marketing strategy will drive awareness to the general public of the rising risks in fraud and criminal activity associated with the rented holiday accommodation market.

Our message will be very clear, only book when you see the Veraccom badge on any property listing. This in turn will have a beneficial effect on all our members and should prove to increase the numbers of holiday bookings, let alone reduce the heartache!  

Is this not just another booking site?

No. When you become a Veraccom member, you will have a unique verified property listing very similar to all the major advertising websites.

On your unique listing, you will be able list all the website addresses (the URL’s) of all the websites you advertise with e.g. Owners Direct etc.

This will allow those looking top book your property to select the website they wish to book through. So, you will still receive your enquiries the same way.

If you are not listed with another booking website, you will receive all your booking enquiries directly to your email inbox when the potential guest completes the enquiry form on your property page.

You will attach the Veraccom trust badge to all the sites you advertise with and when a consumer sees your holiday accommodation listing on one of the sites you advertise with, they can check to ensure your listing is legitimate by clicking on the Veraccom trust badge which will take them to the Veraccom website.

Potential guests will then be able to check all the details match and can confidently proceed to enquiry/booking stage. The Veraccom trusted badge and property identity number is unique to your Veraccom listing.

Will the public have heard of Veraccom?

Veraccom will be running multiple channel marketing campaigns to raise awareness of who we are and the aims of the business. Those aims are to provide added levels of protection to those booking rented holiday accommodation.

We will do this by offering membership to legitimate holiday accommodation owners who wish to be verified and be part of an organisation that seeks to protect the booking public.

Guests will always choose the option that is more secure provided it is available to them. Veraccom members are more likely to convert enquiries to bookings over non members - FACT.

What’s included in the membership?

Membership will run for 12 months during which time subscribers have access to their property listing, use the exclusive Veraccom trust badge and property identity licence number. All of which can be used on all members can use on websites they advertise with. Members will have access to the full suite of features and benefits including  the resource centre, dedicated marketing to raise the awareness of the members verified properties.

What is the Veraccom trust badge?

On completion of our verification checks to becoming a member, you will have access to a number of Veraccom brand assets that you can use on your marketing and all the website listings you use. This is what will make you stand out from your competitors.

The Veraccom trust badge is uniquely dynamic and carries the property identity number on it. Potential guests can and will click on the badge which will take them to the Veraccom website so they can see that your property is registered. This will happen regardless of the website the potential guest is on.

In addition to the badge, there will be links available with predefined text that you can use if you don't want to use the badge. A selection of images for your marketing will be available. Potential guests can also search your property on the Veraccom website with the property identity number.

Its using these options above on all your external communications and website advertising that will let the potential guest know you are who you say you are. 

(Conditions apply to the use of brand assets and these can be found in the main Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of any page on the Veraccom website) 

How will a Veraccom membership benefit me?

Membership in Veraccom has many valuable benefits not least to ensure your potential guests view your property listing as legitimate.

See feature and benefits page for a full description 

Are there ways I can recoup my membership fee

Giving your prospective guests the confidence of knowing you’re a member of Veraccom will increase the number enquires/bookings you receive.

Your membership fee could be fully repaid from only one or two bookings depending on the value.

However, our aim is that your membership will be much more advantageous in providing an improved number of wide-ranging bookings.

Additionally, using the Accommodation xchange scheme and Member Market Place will also bring financial savings and rewards.

To see the full list of current members features and benefits.

Who can become a member of Veraccom?

You can apply to become a member of Veraccom if you own a holiday home available for rental or if you own a Bed and Breakfast or a Guest House.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The criteria required to become a member includes some of the following – you must have no convictions for fraud or criminal activity; You must own the property being used for holiday accommodation property; You must be able to pay for your subscription by debit or credit card.

Please follow this link for further Eligibility Requirements information.

Are there membership terms and conditions?

Yes, there are full membership terms and conditions that you will be bound by as a member. Please follow this link to our terms and conditions.

How do I become a member?

You must complete the application form in full, including making payment online.

We will then process your application form, which includes approve stage 1 checks – person ID checks and land registry checks etc. We then carry out stage 2 checks where we visit the property.

What is the duration of membership?

Membership will run for 12 months and is renewable annually automatically until cancelled.

How long will my application take to process?

Your application will take around 20 minutes to complete online.

Then we estimate on average around two days to complete person identity checks and land registry checks. This may be quicker depending on which country your property is located, but we keep you informed at every stage.

Once stage one checks are approved your listing will be live and you will be able to start advertising your Veraccom membership status.

Stage two checks, the property verification visit, will be scheduled and completed shortly after stage one checks.

This may sound long winded but the value is in assuring our guests of your status as a verified holiday home owner.

How do I renew my membership?

You will receive notification of when your membership is due for renewal 30 days and 14 day prior to membership renewal. Your membership will renew automatically provided you have not cancelled auto renew. Alternatively you will be able to pay in the member area. 

Failure to renew by the due date will result in your property being de-listed and removal of all Veraccom branding.  

Will my property be visited by a member of the Veraccom team?

Yes, as part of the stage 2 verification process we will schedule a verification visit at a date and time suitable to both parties.

Why is there a Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidance?

Veraccom aims to ensure that all our members offer the best property and service possible to their customers. The code of conduct and best practice guidance when followed will ensure the utmost satisfaction from our consumers. This will enhance and maintain the reputation of both Veraccom and you the member. This will allow guests to spread the news of how good their experience was.

Is there a member support department to help me?

Yes, we have many ways to get in touch with member support, by telephone, email or live chat through the Veraccom website.

What is the members resource centre and I will I have access to it?

The member’s resource centre houses all sorts of standard forms and information that bed and breakfast/guest house and holiday rental accommodation owners may wish to use.

All members have access to this area. From time to time there will be video’s covering training, best practice and news items in this section. There will be a full help section on how to get the best out of you membership and how to use features of our website and the member’s area.

There will be information on ways to improve your enquiries and bookings.

Can I update my Veraccom listing once it becomes live?

Yes, You will be able to log into your member area make changes with ease. You must keep all your website listings consistent at all times.

Will my property listing on the Veraccom site be accessible by the public?

Yes, the general public will have access to the search facilities on the Veraccom website. Our marketing strategy will focus on driving potential guests to our search facilities, though bookings will take place via those advertising websites you have listed on your Veraccom property page.


Will I have a membership number?

You will have a unique property licence identity number that you can also use to advertise with. Your property can also be searched for using the unique property licence identity number on the Veraccom website.

Can I transfer my membership?

No, membership cannot be transferred as it is tied to the property and the owner of that property.

Will I receive news briefings and updates?

Veraccom aim to send a members newsletter once a month. We will from time to time send you emails and sms messages to keep you informed of any changes to the membership offering.

What if I forget my login and password to the members area

You will be able to reset these, though you will have to complete additional security measures in the process.

Will I be able to change my contact details?

You will be able to change these details. However, there are additional security measures in place to allow you to do this for your security.

What if my property is managed by a management company?

If your property is managed by a manager, you as the owner will still have to complete the application process. You will have the opportunity to advise us of the details of the third party manager in the application form.

What is a property listing

A property listing is a property profile page on our website platform and external advertisers websites that allow you to showcase the photos and description of your property. Potential guests will view the property listing and make contact with you.

How will I get access to the Veraccom trust badge?

Your unique Veraccom trust badge and unique property licence identity number will be made available to you in your members area once your application has been approved.

What is the cost of a 12 month membership?

Please follow the link to the most update price information.

How can I pay for membership?

Membership is paid for by credit or debit card at the application and renewal stage. The full amount will be required at the point of purchase.

From time to time Veraccom may offer membership to be paid for in staggered payments, though we will make you aware if this option is available to you.

Will my membership fees be tax deductible?

Yes, your membership fees are fully deductible as a business expense.

Will I receive an invoice/receipt?

You will receive a invoice/receipt at the payment stage.

What if I don’t renew or cancel my membership?

The Veraccom trusted badge will be removed automatically from your listings. You will have to remove all references to Veraccom from any advertising you have in place. We will archive all your details and your listing will go offline.

Could my membership be terminated and cancelled?

Yes, if you fail to comply with the full terms and conditions.

What if I decided to sell my holiday property?

You must advise member support of any change in circumstance that may affect your membership or the ability to offer your property for the purposes of holiday accommodation.

What I decided to stop renting out my property?

You must advise member support of any change in circumstance that may affect your membership or the ability to offer your property for the purposes of holiday accommodation.

What if my property fails the stage one or two approval checks?

If we are unable to grant membership we will offer a full refund of the fees paid.

Will potential guests go through the process of checking if a member is legitimate

Yes. More importantly now than ever. In 2016/17 more than £7.2 million alone in the UK was lost to scams and fraud.

Travel guests want to know that what they have booked on a website does actually exist. So many guests arrive thousands of miles from home to a non existent address - FACT!!