About Veraccom

Who We Are

Veraccom is a new membership organisation that specialises in adverting verified self catering holiday accommodation.  

As self catering holiday accommodation owners ourselves, we became quite disappointed in the service we received from other online providers we used, who charge annual fees, booking commissions from us and booking fees from the guests. It was starting to feel like a rip-off. But we also feel that guests have become so distrusting of holiday accommodation owners, as a result of all the fake holiday accommodation listings that appear on the internet. Tons of these properties were appearing on the "biggest" websites, and its still happening! 

We set the company up with clear principles in mind: To offer a great platform in which genuine holiday accommodation owners can advertise their properties using our customer friendly property listing; where it can be marketed via a number of channels to our rapidly growing customer audience who are looking for, verified self catering holiday accommodation. 

Guests know they are in safe hands when they visit Veraccom.com. We carry out checks that ensure the owners are who they say they are and the self catering holiday accommodation does in fact exist, giving guests peace of mind their cash and booking is safe. Very few sites provide the same standards!!

Our member's benefits package is great, and includes a unique property verification badge which can be used on other websites and social media portals owners use to advertise their accommodation, giving guests some further assurance that they are legitimate, achieving a win/win for owner and booker!

Links to more information - Our Unique Approach & Members Features and Benefits 

Our Ethos

Our ethos is simple:

  1. Provide a transparent and trustworthy environment for guests to find and book verified holiday accommodation.
  2. To celebrate our trusted well-respected accommodation providers who share the same goals as we do.
  3. To evolve by collaborating with other agencies and partners to reduce and remove the risk of fraud across the accommodation and travel industry.
  4. To offer the best value to our members and website visitors.
  5. To support our chosen charities who seek to help those less fortunate across multiple themes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a membership base of verified holiday accommodation providers, that will be the go-to place for guests to search for verified holiday accommodation.

Core Values

Our core values underpin everything we do, how we perform, how we behave and how we are viewed and is driven by:

  • Customer Focus
  • Team Working
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Uniqueness
  • Collaborative thinking
  • Inspiring vision