About Us

Who we are - 

Veraccom is a new organisation that specialises in listing and marketing verified holiday accommodation, with a difference. As holiday accommodation owners ourselves coupled with specialisms in - business operations management at multi-million pound online companies, we know a thing or two about creating success stories for ourselves and for others. We're in an ideal place to communicate with member-owners, understand their needs and to know the help and experience that we can offer will add value.

Why we exist - 

We were completely dissatisfied with the other online platforms we used to advertise our holiday homes. They continually made changes without any thought for us as owners or our guests. Introducing hefty booking and commission fees, taking away the access to guest information, the list is endless. But most importantly, we were depressed by the number of families that were being scammed through fake online holiday accommodation listings that appear on all the big and small named websites. A problem that has not yet been tackled, as these fraudulent listings still exist in big numbers, hence our new approach! 

Why we are different -  

Being different from other portals - it's of paramount importance to us to offer a safe platform in which our website visitors can search and choose genuine holiday accommodation, that's not fake or part of a scam, that does actually exist. Hence our name, "Veraccom" derived from "Verified Accommodation". Founded on strong principles and to reassure guests, we carry out extensive checks to ensure that only genuine accommodation owners can list on our website platform. Other sites don't offer the public the same commitment, which is why feedback from our fast growing audience on what we're are about and what we offer is really encouraging. 

What we offer - 

We created a great website platform that is modern, safe, dynamic, colourful and easy to use for property owners and visitors searching for great accommodation. Our marketing team take care of attracting visitor traffic to your listing, whilst our website allows visitors, communicate directly with accommodation owners, who, have full booking control from start to finish and, without the risk of being charged commission or booking fees. Attention to detail and customer service is critical to how we operate, so you can be assured of a great reception. Each listed property has access to a unique "verified property badge" to be used across all sites the property appears on, authenticating the property whilst giving it universal credibility.

Our Vision - 

We want to celebrate all those genuine accommodation owners who work hard to build lasting reputations by making their properties available to as wide an audience as possible and to build on each other's successes together. Searching and booking accommodation should be part of the fun and excitement of planning new adventures whether they be near or far. With this in mind, Veraccom hopes that our platform can assist in delivering such an experience to our many website visitors. 

We like to believe it would be the wishes of most genuine holiday accommodation owners to be members of Veraccom, whose first ambition is to protect the public's wellbeing against the fraudsters and scammers. 

What we don't do - 

It's important to point out some competitor practices we won't engage in, such as: Changing the accommodation rates you advertise; Make false claims or promises; Cancel guest bookings without the knowledge of the owner; Charge hefty booking or commission fees; False advertise; Fob you off when you need help; And, unfarely rank your property!   


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